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A submission from a gentleman.
We can hear the traffic outside, the rumble of the street. I’ve been taking pictures of you in my studio. Pictures of your soft flesh against a backdrop of crumbling brick. There’s a cold draught coming in from the window, and I bring you a robe. Your nipples are hard, erect, and it’s all I can do to stop myself from taking one in my mouth and biting it. But there’s time for that later. I put the robe around your shoulders and you wrap up with a shiver.
"Let me see them, then," you say.

"What do you mean?"

"The pictures," you reply. "I want to have a look at my arse."

"This isn’t digital, you know? I’m old school. Physical, like."

"Nicely retro," you say. "I hope you’re not sending these off to Snappy Snaps."

I point to a windowless door. “Nope,” I say. “In there.”

"I’ve never been in a darkroom," you chuckle. "Sounds quite sexy, a dark room. Anything could… develop."

"There’s nothing sexy about darkrooms," I say. "Come and have a look."

I lead you over to the door and open it. I switch on the light and we step inside. The smell of developing fluid hangs in the air. It’s disappointingly sparse, a few cupboards, and two benches with chemical baths and an enlarger.

"See? I have to turn the light off. Don’t touch anything," I say.

Blackness. You hear the click of the camera body opening. A fumbling. “There,” I say.

And then I’m on you. Hands holding your biceps. You feel me kissing your neck. You hear clicks and creaking. I pull the robe off your shoulder and kiss that spot. You wriggle, feeling the hands on your arms, the hand on your thigh…

Three hands?

"She’s all yours," I say. You feel my hands loosen their grip. You sense me step away. Another hand on your other thigh, your inner thigh, sliding up…

And then you lose count. Hands running over your body. The robe torn away. Greedy mouths sucking on you. You lie down on the cold hard floor. Somebody takes your hand and it curls around a cock. You start to pump it. Between your legs another mouth, clamped on your sodden cunt, drinking you, eating you.

Something on your face, a softness. You open your mouth instinctively and suck on a nipple. Fingers pinch your own. You keep pumping the cock in your hand. It’s wet, juices running down the inside of your wrist.

Then something wet on your lips, as you feel fingers invade your cunt. Wet, and warm and soft. You push your tongue into the pussy, feeling her arse on your face. Then she’s gone. The cock in your hand is bucking, but you don’t let go.

Now something else, the silk tip of another cock, pushing past your lips. Tasting the glans on your tongue. Feeling fingers in your cunt, and up your arse. A mouth on your nipple. Your mind swirling and whirling, your body pushed to its limits. You come, crying out, the sound muffled by the prick in your mouth.

"Now she’s mine," you hear me say. "You’ve had your fun." They move away and the red bulb flicks on. You see me lie on top of you, and push my cock slowly into your pussy. My lips crush yours, as my hips start to move back and forth, fucking you, my pelvis rubbing against your clit. You cup my arse in your hands, pushing me into you.

You turn your head to see the woman you tongued a few feet away, between the two men you held and sucked. She’s on her hands and knees, taking one cock in her mouth and another in her cunt. The man behind her pushes in and comes. He pulls out, gathers his clothes and leaves. You can see his come dribbling from her pussy.

I fuck you harder, pushing a finger up your arse, biting your neck. You’re dissolving. In and out of the moment. You look across again, watching the woman’s head bobbing up and down on the man’s cock.

I look you in the eye. “You wan’t it, don’t you?” You nod, shivering. I beckon to the man. He crawls over, and lowers his cock into your mouth. As you suck him, I fuck you.

Then he comes into your mouth. It starts a chain reaction. As his warm come trickles down your throat, your body starts to shake, your pussy milking my cock. And as you come, I come inside you. And the other woman, who’s been watching and frigging her clit, climaxes too.

I tell them to leave, and I spoon with you, my softening cock inside.

I kiss you on the shoulder. “Like I say, there’s nothing sexy about darkrooms.”